28th SKDUN World Shotokan Karate Championship

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Dear karate friends,It is a pleasure for me to invite you to the 28th SKDUN World Shotokan Karate Championship ( competition for brown and black belts, 3 kyu – Dan) and to 13th SKDUN World Shotokan Cup (competition for white, yellow, orange, green and blue belts, 9 – 4 kyu) in Zrenjanin, Serbia on 13 – 14 th of November 2021, and 11 – 12 of November to Referee seminar and Gashuku!
It is a good opportunity for all of us who missed the spirit of competition in the last year to find it in Serbia, to meet your friends there and to make new friends.Of course the fear of coronavirus is still present in many countries but we need to return to our passion, to come back to karate, to come back to normality!Why!? Because we are karateka and because I believe many of you still love practicing Karate!
Hope to see many of you in Serbia and if you need any support don’t hesitate to contact me!Attached you will find the detailed invitation, offer of accommodation, categories and rules of the competition, etcYours,Aurel Patru – SKDUN President

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