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Coat of arms of Jelgava
Flag of arms of Jelgava

Jelgava is situated in the southern part of the Zemgale plain. The city is situated on the both banks of Lielupe River, with elevation from 0.0 to 6.0 m above the sea level. Jelgava is the fourth largest city in Latvia with population around 66 000.

Geographical location of the city is very faourable. Jelgava is the junction of railroads and railway linesleading in East-West and North-South directions. A modern Jelgava roundabout route was built in 1996; it joins Jelgava – Riga and Lithuania – Western Europe arterial roads.

Total territory of Jelgava is 60 km2, out of which: 2,34 km2 are open waters and 1,62 km2 parks

Jelgava - Riga 42 km
Jelgava - Vilnius 270 km
Jelgava - Tallin 356 km
Jelgava - Moscow 969 km
Jelgava - Stockholm 482 km
Jelgava - Berlin 1184 km
Jelgava - Vienna 1366 km

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